Enchanting India with Himanshi Munshaw Luhar 10th January - 25th January 2018

Tour highlights:

16 days in first class accommodation, daily breakfast plus 16 meals

Explore the Mughal architecture in Delhi and Agra, the Royal palaces of Rajasthan. Visit community based projects, arts and handicraft workshops. Local market tours, villages and boat rides on the lake. Immerse yourself into the culture and join the locals for a meal at home. Tour fully escorted by a Himanshi.

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Personal Note

India is a phenomenal country. I grew up there so I should know. Every 50 kilometres you travel the food, language, backdrop and the people change ever so slightly. So when you travel from the north to the south or east to the west be forewarned you will have a life changing experience.

People always tell me, when you go to India next let us know and we'll come with you. So I personally travelled, discovered and then put together programs that showcase the best of my home country. My commitment to you is to offer unique cultural, culinary and local experiences.

Enchanting India is my signature North India tour covering the markets of Delhi, the love story of the Taj Mahal, the royal experiences of Rajasthan and the local experiences of Mumbai.

We’ll visit historic sites, we’ll take photo’s at the Taj Mahal, we’ll visit cultural epicentres, we’ll eat delicious food, we’ll learn how to cook it, we’ll meet princes and princesses, we’ll meet the hip and happening, and we’ll meet the local craftsmen and women. At the end we'll visit my home and meet my Big Fat Indian family

Southern Serenityis a journey through a different India. The royal palace of Mysore, the out of this world experience of the most amazing views of Wayanad, the serenity of the drifting houseboat, the flavours and scents of the spice plantations and the Portuguese city of Cochin.

Learn about the ancient art of Ayurveda or take a yoga class. Be awed by the lights of the palace, the beauty of the hills of Kerala, and disconnect from the world on a houseboat. Pick your own spices and open your senses to the smells, sounds and flavours of Southern Serenity.

I want to show you my India, it’s truly Enchanting …. So come and join me.

Your Host,

Himanshi Munshaw Luhar - Passionate Foodie & Traveller 

Meirav Dulberg