Most great memories are associated with an experience, be it enjoying food around a table with your friends and family or a complete stranger. It might have been the time you got your hair braided on a holiday or when you went on your gap year and ate your way through Asia.

When we encounter something different from our immediate world it can be exciting, it can be terrifying and it can be eye opening. It can also simply be a great afternoon meeting new people and learning about a different culture.

6 years ago I started on a quest to breakdown cultural barriers. I wanted to find a way for people to get to know more about my cultural background and be intrigued enough to try something new. So I sat at my computer with my husband and we came up with a name and a tag line. We designed a logo at home with our limited skills. We wanted to have a go.

I then got a group of people together and took them walking around the city introducing them to Indian food, the spices and the history of how the food has evolved in the region. - They loved it. They bought tickets for their friends and family, and it grew from there.  Soon after we introduce new flavours, Turkish and African. Shortly after that we introduced our cooking classes.

We are a fully licensed boutique travel company and also trade under the name of Beacon Holidays. We offer personalised holiday experiences with a cultural and foodie flavour to them. This experience and network of suppliers and expert guides enables us to expand our international offerings for Foodie Trails. 

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My Story

From my humble beginnings - an idea of an Indian girl sharing her culture, to being an ambassador for sharing cultures on a wider scale and reaching more people to learn, educate and connect, Foodie Trails has come a long way.
Ou brand reflects some of the key things that are important to us - inclusiveness, warmth, invitation to join our table, delicious, vibrant, informal and adventurous.
Our journey has been an exciting one so far and I feel we have only just gotten started.
I thank you for your continuous support and I'm really excited to take you on the journey of more discoveries ahead with me.

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Awards & Accreditations