Himanshi Munshaw Luhar

Passionate Foodie & Traveller | Cultural Trainer and adviser | Cultural & Food Experience curator | TEDx Speaker

I am the Director of Foodie Trails and Beacon Holidays and I am passionate about creating memories and food experiences for my clients. Under the banner of Foodie Trails, I lead a team of local foodies and cultural enthusiasts who passionately share their stories and cultures on our walking food tours and cooking classes. Our events and festivals bring in the festivities of multicultural Melbourne to various venues in different formats with an underlying connection of food and culture.

International experiences
With a focus on culture, food and authentic local experiences I work with my clients to design their perfect holiday. My area of expertise is the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa & the Middle East and South America. My origins are in India and I personally host tours to India, leading like-minded travellers to not just the tourist spots but also home visits, palatial visits, and local experiences. We are a fully licensed boutique travel company and we offer personalised holiday experiences with a cultural and foodie flavour to them. Our experience and network of suppliers and expert guides enables us to expand our international offerings for Foodie Trails.

Cultural Trainer and TEDx Speaker
I love conducting cultural training for businesses dealing with Indian, African and Asian communities and exporting products and services to these area. This includes helping them understand the background, dealing with cultural expectations and sensitivities.

I would love you to contact me via email himanshi@foodietrails.com.au or visit our website www.foodietrails.com.au to find out more about our tours, workshops and holidays we can create for you.

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