Turmeric – Is it all they say it is?

5 Things we know about Turmeric

1. India is one of the largest exporters of Turmeric.
2. For over 4000 years it has been used in India and Sri Lanka for treating stomach ulcers, as an anti inflammatory, and for glow of the skin.
3. There are ongoing studies to prove its effectiveness in reducing spread of cancer cells and dementia.
4. Used to treat colds and flus and also as an antiseptic.
5. Improves digestion.

When we were kids a sore throat meant a spoonful of honey and half a spoon of turmeric at night. The honey helped it to stick to our throats and sooth them overnight. To this day I practice this with my toddler and my family.

Little cuts and scrapes can be treated with a turmeric and water paste.

In India at the time of the wedding there is a “Haldi” ceremony or a turmeric ceremony where the married women of the household bless the bride to be and apply a turmeric paste on her face/arms and legs.
You could consider it the beauty treatment of the days gone by. It brings out a glow in the bride and softens her skin for her big day.It’s an emotional day in the brides house where the mother often sheds a tear or two.

The latest trend in Australia is turmeric tablets and water. Gosh had i thought of that for $5 a bottle i’d be rich now. There are guidelines out there on how much to consume a day etc. So if you are looking at adding it to your diet in then you might want to consider those guidelines.

Meirav Dulberg