Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo)

15 litres Water

1 Brown Onion, peeled

1 Ginger, large piece peeled

4 Star Anise

1 Cinnamon Stick (Optional)

1.5 kilos Ox Tail or Beef Bones*

5 Spring Onion Stalks

1 Sachet of Spice (Pho Hoa Pasteur)

4 x Pho Stock Cubes Large stockpot

1 x 375 g Dried 5mm Pho Noodles (or fresh)



Cooked Pho Noodles

 6-8 Eye Fillet pieces, finely sliced

1 cup Bean Shoots

5 Thai Basil Leaves 1⁄4 cup Coriander, chopped

1⁄4 cup Spring Onion, chopped

1⁄4 Onion, finely sliced

1⁄2 Lemon or Lime, juice



1.       In a large stockpot, bring 15 litres of water to the boil.

2.       Place cleaned oxtail or beef bones into pot. Keep the stock on high heat.

3.       On the smallest burner, roast a Brown Onion and add to stock pot. Repeat with the

         ginger. Let the surface of the Onion and Ginger blacken.

4.       Add Star Anise and Cinnamon Stick to the stock if desired.

5.       Skim the fat and froth off the top of broth frequently as this will ensure a clear stock.

6.       After an hour, turn flame down low.

7.       Simmer for at least 9 hours and then season with Fish Sauce or Salt to taste. 8.      Place Spring Onion stalks in the stock half an hour before serving.

* For Chicken Pho, use a 1.5 kilo free range chicken and simmer stock for 2 1/2 hours. Use the cooked flesh to serve in bowls instead of the beef.



1.       In a large bowl or container of hot tap water, add all the Dried Pho Noodles and leave

         them submerged till they soften.

2.       In a medium pot of boiling water, place a large handful of the softened Dried Pho Noodles

         onto a strainer and lower into the water for 5 seconds. Quickly pull the strainer with the

         noodles on it out of the boiling water and place directly into a soup bowl.

3.       Place sliced uncooked beef on top of noodles.

4.       Bring the Pho stock to boil and ladle soup over the Pho Noodles and uncooked beef


5.       Add Bean Shoots, Coriander and Spring Onions on top of the Pho Noodles.

6.       Repeat this for each bowl.


Optional toppings:

Chili Fried shallots Sate Hoi Sin Sauce

If desired, enhance the taste of the stock by adding Pho stock cubes or stock pouches. You can also add depth to the stock by adding a carrot and white radish.


Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Bo)